What’s the big infatuation with Mars? Talk about running away from your responsibilities. Have we sniffed out some oil? It’s hundreds of millions of miles away, takes months to get to and hasn’t been proven to sustain life. Not to mention it’s pretty dull. Very dull, actually. There’s probably not much to do after drawing dicks in the dust. Billions of dollars spent on exploring a curiosity perpetuated by 19th century Scientific falsehood. A nation’s infrastructure in tatters, a healthcare system on its arse, and they blame the Mexicans! Mars is America’s HS2, or that really big leafy bridge in London which may or may not be built. We’re in too deep, needing to find answers to make it all worthwhile. What a strange priority to be shooting for, just to remain relevant on the world stage.


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  1. Lord Carl Whiteley says:

    There is nothing dull about drawing dicks in the dust… and MARTIAN dust?! Work the billions in my book. AND… we wouldn’t have Jeff Waynes war of the worlds without it!

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